About Us

Who is Ignition?

I’m Mick Alcorn, a fully qualified public accountant and the founder of Ignition Accountants.

One of the reasons I started Ignition Accountants is because during my 15 years experience in the industry I saw a lot of small business owners really struggling.

What I saw was frustration because of the inability to get the help and advice they were desperately looking for quickly and easily. The kind of financial advice they needed so they could grow their business to a point that was in alignment with their goals.

It was also very frustrating for me because with my knowledge of the industry and my qualifications I knew I could help these people to grow their businesses to meet their objectives.

These businesses were going through growth phases and needed personal attention and assistance appropriate for their particular stages of growth. Often that kind of personalised service is absent in larger accounting firms.

Fast forward to today and I am now in the happy position with Ignition Accountants where I am actually able to provide the backup, support and business advice I have always wanted to give…

…and the results are exciting, something I am really proud of. What I’m seeing for my clients is:

            • Solid steady increasing turnover   

            • Clear financial objectives 

            • Targets consistently hit

            • New growth phases reached

            • Reduction in stress levels

           • Space & time to work ON their business rather than IN it

I believe it’s my responsibility as your accountant to help you grow your business and increase your profit.

That means advising and guiding you to set and achieve your goals, monitoring your progress, fine tuning plans to reflect changes in the law and helping you deal with the challenges that come with each new growth phase.

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