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Tradie Toolbox

Are you…

  • working long hours
  • finding cashflow’s tight despite the effort
  • not on top of the bookwork
  • missing time with family and friends
  • having trouble finding and keeping good staff
  • overworked, under-paid and over-stressed

Well you are not alone…too many of your mates are in the same boat (ask them)…

What if you could…

  • Plan a profit before work starts on a job
  • Filter out poor quality jobs and customers at the first meeting
  • Have an extra day each week to work on your business without reduced productivity
  • Start each day knowing that your team know what to do, how to do it and how to overcome obstacles on their own

If this is you then, scroll down or watch the video to find out more about our Tradie Toolbox Program.

What is Tradie Toolbox?

Tradie Toolbox is a purpose built program developed for Trade Businesses who want to grow. It is based on a successful mastermind program that has been operating for over 25 years with over 400 members. Tradie Toolbox is currently operating at Coffs Harbour, NSW and is about to launch on the Gold Coast with other locations in the pipeline.

All Action Workshops

These workshops are all action where we will hammer it (in the room learning), nail it (in the room implementation) so you can scale it in the field. At our workshop you will learn from other members, the Tradie Toolbox Team and from selected guest speakers.

A structured program

 Our proven workshop process allows you to learn from others, solve current problems in your business and gain insights from skilled professionals.

What do I get as a Member?

 3 hour intensive workshop every month for you to “Work on your Business”. A tailored “Game Plan” for the coming year developed 1-on-1 with Russ or Sean. Phone and email support between meetings. The ability to bring other team members to each workshop so they can be part of the process. A trusted network of other Trade Businesses in your local area.

The Best Part

 Our experience is that if Tradie Toolbox can help you to make better decisions then it will pay for itself many times over like stopping you from: taking on a bad job…employing a poor employee…working with a bad client…etc.The best option is to attend one our meetings as our guest (no cost) and see whether it is right for you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take?
We have built Tradie Toolbox to be as efficient with your time as possible and all we ask is that you be present for 3 hours on the 1st Wednesday of the month to work on your business. There is no obligation for pre-work or homework but if you would like to do more than the 3 hours then we will support you, if required.
How long does the Tradie Toolbox Program go for?
You can stay a member of the Tradie Toolbox for as long as you like. In previous programs participants have stayed members for years. However, you are free to leave the program at any time but we suggest that you prepare to commit for at least 12 months to get the maximum value from the Program.
What does it cost?
For your monthly 3 hour workshops, Workshop materials, Annual Game Plan session, morning tea, phone and email support, your investment will be $500 per month (plus GST) = $6,000 per annum (the price of one mistake). There are no “lock in” contracts with Tradie Toolbox but it is a monthly commitment whether you attend the workshop or not. Your fees are payable monthly in advance. Additional employees from the same business are able to attend at a small additional cost to cover venue and catering.
What if I have questions after the workshop?
If you have additional questions, the Tradie Toolbox Team will try to assist at the workshops. We are also available for additional support between sessions via phone or email.
What if I don't make it to a Workshop?
You can send a substitute from your business to take your place, if needed. The Tradie Toolbox Team will happily provide you with copies of the workshop materials and brief update on the session you missed. However, there are no refunds if you are unable to attend a workshop.
When are the workshops?
The Workshops are held on the first Wednesday of each month at both Coffs Harbour and Gold Coast locations.
Can my team members participate?
Your membership is essentially for you (the Business Owner) to attend but if you would like to involve your partners or team members – they are able to attend, although there maybe a small additional charge to cover resources, venue and catering costs. Some members find it beneficial to have their team engaged in the program to work on problems and issues together.
What happens at the workshops?
Our program is based on a proven mastermind process. You will get an opportunity to talk about your business, identify problems and issues and have the Group help you solve them. There are also structured training components – but most of the workshop is you working on your business. The best way to find out is to attend a session – ITS FREE – and see whether it works for you.
How do I sign up?

https://tradie-toolbox.com.au/registration/Registration is easy. Click on the link, complete a simple form and we will be in touch to finalise the details. – https://tradie-toolbox.com.au/registration/

What sort of Return on Investment can I expect from Tradie Toolbox?

A great question. Although every business is different and there are no guaranteed outcomes, we would expect that you should aim for a 10x ROI. We know this is achievable as we have helped our clients add over $200M in sales over the last decade.

However, everyone will measure their success in different “currencies” depending on their personal situation. For some, rewards will be in the form of “more time with my family”. For others, it will be “taking a regular or big holiday” or “less stress and better health”. And for others it will be “more profits” or “greater market share”. For many of you it will be a combination of these things that will determine whether its been an outstanding investment or not.

Our experience is that if Tradie Toolbox can help you to make better decisions then it will pay for itself many times over like stopping you from: taking on a bad job…employing a poor employee…working with a bad client…etc.

Why is Tradie Toolbox different to other programs?

Tradie toolbox is based on a proven mastermind process and is delivered by very experienced consultants with years of experience in the industry. The Workshops are very “hands on”…we will develop practical solutions to pressing problems and you will learn from the experience in the room (other Tradies) rather than just the consultants. It is short, sharp and an efficient use of your time.

What if I don't like it?

That’s why we offer a “try before you buy” session. Come to your first Tradie Toolbox Workshop for free. If its not for you…then you are free to walk away – no questions asked. There are no lock in contracts and you are free to leave anytime. We are confident that after your first session, you will be keen to sign up…so we will take the risk.

If you have more questions, contact us now

What topics will we cover?

The Tradie Toolbox Program will cover a wide range of topics over a 12 month program. The table below outlines the key topics for the first 12 months.


























Our Team

Coffs Harbour

Gold Coast

Sean Martyn
www.bizbydesign.com.au Sean has over 20 years experience as a consultant to a broad range of businesses across all sectors. He is the Coach and driving force behind Tradie Toolbox Coffs Harbour.
Nikki Tomasoni
Client Services Manager
www.bizbydesign.com.au Nikki is an experienced business administrator and support coach at "Business By Design" and works closely with Sean and the Coffs Harbour Tradie Toolbox Group.
Russell Cummings
Business Advisor
www.shifft.com.au Russ has over 34 years experience as an Advisor to a wide range of businesses including trade based businesses. He is based at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and will be driving the Tradie Toolbox Program.
Mick Alcorn
Tradie Accountant
www.ignitionaccountants.com.au Mick is a Gold Coast based accountant with over 15 years experience, who specialises in working with Trade Businesses. Mick will be an integral part of the Tradie Toolbox Program drawing on his extensive tax and finance experience.
Rae Tomelden
Virtual Assistant
www.shifft.com.au Rae Tomelden has been supporting entrepreneurs as a Virtual Assistant for over 5 years, providing social media strategy and implementation, generating website content and managing administrative responsibilities. She is an integral part of the Shifft Support Team.